Looking Back: The Harvest Through the Years

Cape Cod Lavender Farm opened in 1995 after inviting local Cape Codders to attend our harvest.

The farm is also home to the family. Cynthia's youngest daughter, Anna, has worked every summer at the farm since its inception. While she's a teacher in the off-season, her devotion and management skills keep the shop running smoothly in the summer. In total, three generations enjoy and tend to the farm.

We now sell over 20 lavender products: home decor, culinary, and mind-body-spirit needs.

The lavender farm is typically in bloom late June through early July (weather dependent). We started business with two bestselling products, plants and loose lavender buds, and we were inspired to create even more. Now we sell over 20 lavender products, including home décor, culinary, and mind-body-spirit needs.

In the spring of 2013, we expanded our Enchanted Garden. Designed and built by Eddie Foisy, the garden allows children and adults alike to let their imaginations wander. We have a shade garden with plantings around a miniature stone replica of a medieval castle. Hidden among the varieties of plants, faerie house portals add to the fantasy, the wonder, and the experience nature is always ready to give us.

See more pictures of the Enchanted Garden.