The Bees have arrived and have and started their new life on the Lavender Farm!

Located on the Eastern side of the property, we have two types of hives: Slovenian beehives, a relatively new import to the US and a method of beekeeping that has been used for centuries in Slovenia, and the more common Langstroth beehive, which we have had on the grounds for several years.

Check out our journey adding a Slovenian Beehive this year - from start to finish!

The Process - Slovenian Beehive

It's a great day when the bee packages arrive in the Bee Bus!  Each package includes several thousand bees, one queen (in her own little cage), and a can of syrup (food).

  1. First, we remove the queen and place her, while in her cage, between two frames in the bottom of the hive. 
  2. We then remove the can from the package, leaving a hole on top for the bees to escape.
  3. We then place the whole package, upside down, on top of 10 bottom frames in the hive.
  4. We close the back door and return the next day to make sure that the queen has been released from her cage. The bees will eat the sugar plug that keeps her in her cage. This is also where the bees have been settling.
  5. Lastly, we open the entry ways and the bees will come and go as they please!

The Process - Langstroth Hive

The process for package release is a bit different for this hive, as we actually pour the bees out of the package and into their new living quarters, leaving the package and a few bees that didn’t want to come out on top of those frames until checking on them the next day as well.