Open weekends
Friday: 10AM - 4PM
Saturday: 10AM - 4PM
Sunday: 12PM - 4PM

Beginning Memorial Day Weekend: Open 7 Days a Week.

Please note: "Peak Bloom" - when plants are at their most colorful - occurs in late June / July. Shop is open outside that timeframe, as well as all opportunities to walk the grounds.


info@capecodlavenderfarm.com | (508) 432-8397

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Located down a dirt path, the shop and grounds are accessible via Weston Woods Road in Harwich, MA. Please drive slowly; there are dogs*.


Feeling Lost?

What you see upon entering Weston Woods Road and driving to the end of the cul de sac. You are on the right track; keep going!

* A note about visiting dogs: While we are BIG dog lovers, please do not walk your dogs (on- or off-leash) around the grounds, for the protection of the plants. (Also, Mama Cat, our resident shop cat, is not a big fan of the canine variety, and what she says--or hisses--goes...)

With that said, there are plenty of conservation trails adjacent to the property, so feel free to take your furry friends on a walk nearby!